Create A Super Wide Angle Security Camera

Have an old C/CS mount reconnaissance camera lying around? Need to make a really wide point “fish eye” style surveillance camera for your observation framework? On the off chance that you follow these means you can undoubtedly make a fish eye focal point arrangement at a reasonable cost.

Things Expected Prior to Starting

1.Standard C/CS mount box style cctv camera

2.C/CS focal point to board M12 Adapter   point connector (EX: the COP-USA LC001)

3.Wide point fish eye M12 style board focal point (1.78mm focal point)

4.10 – 15 minutes of leisure time

Stage One

Unload all of your different cctv parts and get them arranged and simple to get to when required.

Stage Two

In the event that your C/CS mount surveillance camera as of now has a focal point on it or a focal point cap try to eliminate these and afterward join the focal point connector (LC001) and ensure it is safely fixed and appended to the camera. It ought to effectively screw into the cameras focal point mounting framework (try not to strip the strings).

Stage Three

Take your M12 board focal point (for the most part 1.78mm in size for fish eye) and connect it to the camera through the connector. Ensure it is secure and not going to tumble off.

Stage Four

Power up your cctv camera and connect it to a cctv screen, PC screen, or a TV and change your cctv focal point to accomplish a legitimate concentration and picture clearness.

Stage Five

Mount your surveillance camera and guide it into your observation framework. Presto! You currently have a really wide point surveillance camera with a fish eye focal point.

This fish eye focal point will permit you to get a decent wide point perspective on your home or business and see a huge area of movement. This is ideal for odds and ends shop applications.

These means can likewise be utilized to join any sort of M12 board focal point to your C/CS mount surveillance camera; it doesn’t explicitly need to be a fish eye cctv focal point.

In the event that you are beginning without any preparation this can commonly be all finished for around $100 to $150. Assuming you as of now have the surveillance camera anyway this should be possible for under $50.

A tip to assist with holding cost down is to inquire as to whether they have any b-stock or closeout deal C/CS mount surveillance cameras. Different parts required are by and large truly modest for all intents and purposes, yet you might have the option to save money on the surveillance camera.

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