Important Preparation Tips Before Removing Painted Popcorn Ceiling

Eliminating painted popcorn roof is a typical undertaking for some mortgage holders today. While this finished look was once extremely well known in almost any room of the home, today a more smooth, smooth and simple to clean look is valued. Try not to anticipate that this should be a fast work yet with just enough time, you can have this enlivening harsh appearance out of your home. Before you start your task, there are a couple of things that you really want to do to plan. Having the right supplies and go to preparatory lengths will guarantee everything goes without a hitch.

Things You Will Need

Before you start to eliminate the popcorn, you ought to get every one of the provisions you will require helpful. Things to have close by are painter’s tape, drop materials, plastic canvases, veil, defensive attire, goggles, gloves, fluid dishwashing cleanser, Boya sökücü sprey  bottle, water, joint compound, joint blade, joint tape, shaft and sanding cushion. The explanation you accumulate every one of your provisions initially is on the grounds that this an exceptionally muddled work! The last thing that you believe should do is track stuff through the remainder of the house since you neglected to get something or need to get in your vehicle and rushed to the home improvement shop.

Check for Asbestos

While soundproofing with popcorn roof was once a gigantic frenzy, contingent upon the age, item and methods, asbestos could represent an issue to your home improvement project. The main thing that you can do before you get that popcorn roof scrubber is have your roof tried for asbestos. To do this, you will eliminate a little example of the material to send for testing at an EPA-guaranteed research center.

On the off chance that the outcomes return that your popcorn roof contains asbestos, you should employ a guaranteed worker for hire who has some expertise in asbestos evacuation. You can find these testing offices all over the place and on the off chance that there isn’t one locally, they ought to have the option to give you bearings of how to send an example securely to them. A couple of the most famous ones are Global Asbestos Testing Research centers and Western Insightful Labs.

Assuming you accept your outcomes and your roof is clear of any risk, you can securely finish the task yourself.


Before you start your venture, you should appropriately set up the room you are working in. The initial step is the eliminate all that you can out of the room. Utilizing our painter’s tape, append coverings onto the encompassing walls and block off the entryway. Cover your floor with drop fabrics and ensure any bigger things left in the room are fixed up with a canvas too. Switch your power off and eliminate light installations. While eliminating painted popcorn roof generally safeguard your eyes with goggles or a cover and wear gloves and defensive dress.

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