Photo Thank You Cards – 5 Creative Ways to Express Your Thanks With Pictures

Are you looking for creative ways to express your appreciation? Maybe your child just had a birthday party and received a pile of gifts from guests. Or, perhaps a friend helped  signs your dog imprinted on you

you in a meaningful way. Share your gratitude with photo thank you cards. Here are some unique ideas.

1. Of course, you could use greeting card or photo editing software to design a card from scratch. But you don’t need software or any special talent to make great photo thank you cards. The easiest way to do it yourself is to use ready made photo insert cards. These look like a regular greeting card, but you can slip your picture into the frame-like opening in the front. Just take individual photographs of your child using each of his birthday gifts. Then send every guest a custom thank you showcasing how much your little one is enjoying the present.

Photo insert cards are also great for showing appreciation to one person who did something nice for you. If they watched your pets while your away, slide a cute picture of your dog into the front frame and write a note inside. If you want to let a friend know how much it means to you that they always listen, set your camera’s self-timer and take a snapshot of yourself talking on the phone to your friend. Take a picture of whatever symbol represents the act of kindness and use that for your card.

2. You could also use a pack of purchased note cards that are blank inside. It really doesn’t matter if there’s a design on the front because you will be covering it up. Use double stick tape meant for scrapbooking and attach the photo to the front. It’s best if the note cards are slightly smaller than your photo. That way, after the photo is attached, you can trim the edges of your snapshot and it will look like it’s part of the card. Inside, you can use a rubber stamp to imprint a big thank you or another meaningful quote. Personalize underneath the stamp with your own message.

3. Another simple idea is to take a photo of the thankful person holding a big sign that says “thank you”. Use white or solid color poster board for the sign. You can cut the poster board in a shape, such as a heart or flower, if you prefer. A bride and groom could hold two signs, one that reads “thank” and the other “you”. The words can fill up the whole sign or you can write them just on the top and leave the bottom blank. Then you’ll have room to write a personal message. You can use an acid free permanent marker made especially for photographs available in most craft stores. Just make 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 inch prints and you’ll have custom cards.

4. If you would rather leave the work to the professionals, you can order personalized photo thank you cards that feature multiple pictures. Choose snapshots that highlight events at the party, bar mitzvah, wedding or other occasion. A collage of photographs from the event is a nice way to say thanks and also serves as a reminder of the great time shared at the party.

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