Unique Fundraising Ideas: Your Path to Fundraising Triumph

Matching gifts, sometimes referred to as corporate matching gift, are a form of philanthropy where companies match the donations employees give to charitable organisations.

If an employee contributes an offer to donate, they’ll ask for the match from their employer. This will then make their own contribution. The majority of companies match donations at 1:1, however certain companies will match donations at 2:1, 3:1, or even the ratio of 4:1.

However, few donors are aware of matching gifts, meaning that an estimated $4-7 billion of matching gift funds are not claimed every year. That’s why it’s important to educate your donors on the matching gift options they have!

Why do we love matching Gift Drives?

Everyone wins!

Matching gifts are important since they’re free money for your non-profit, which helps the gifts of donors get Unique Fundraising Ideas more out of hand and allows companies to give back to organizations that their employees love.

Matching gifts can give you more bang for your dollar. Your charity will receive two gifts to help you solicit the other, as well as donors will be happy knowing that their contributions were twice as big.

How can you begin by utilizing a gift drive that matches your matching gift?

It’s simple! If you can raise awareness of your donors and invite them to provide the details of their donations at their workplaces, you’ll be able to raise more funds.

Everyone enjoys receiving a warm card. Your organization can provide digital cards to donors in exchange for donations. Create designs for any occasion with donation cards for birthdays, holidays and thank-you cards as well as sympathy outreach. awareness days for causes.

With the help of technology, you are able to sell them online, which eliminates printing and postage costs! Pick a reliable and affordable eCard creating platform to start. We recommend it, especially because it works with many of the most popular fundraising platforms.

The platform online comes with Unique Fundraising Ideas you require to create unique digital cards that you can upload to your website as well as your Shopify store. Donors can then purchase the cards by email social media, text message or via text message.

Professional Fundraising Collateral

From flyers to stickers to tshirts professional-designed products and gifts can to boost the effectiveness of your Unique Fundraising Ideas. In addition to helping your non-profit stand out, creating promotional materials that feature your logo and colors will help increase the visibility of your brand.

To obtain the collateral that you need for design work in a partnership with an graphic design firm such as . Select the brand-named merchandise or attractive promotional items you’ll need. Then, collaborate alongside your graphics designer design something that represents the mission of your organization.

Kwala offers a wide range of design options for graphic documents that are ready for uploading or printing. To begin using Kwala you need to fill out. After that, you can begin asking for branded fundraising items which will inspire people about your fundraising.

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